About Ginabartonphotography

I have been interested in photography since I was 7 and once I received my first camera, I have been unstoppable. I am a professional and published photographer, located in Lexington, South Carolina. I have over 42 years of experience. My passion is to capture a moment in your natural environment that allows others to see the real you.

The posing is in the past for me and living is in the present. I love my clients, seeing their lives through my lens and capturing what I hope will be available for generations to come. The real people and subjects of my work are enjoying their lives, in their environment, celebrations, or just spending time with their child, while I get the opportunity to capture that moment without disrupting them. Its not about the money for me. Its about the memories. I also do personal landscape, animals, nature and abstract photographs. It's my personal peace.

I long to preserve our history and allow each photo to tell its own story. I believe you find beauty and uniqueness in everything. I love the fact that when you take a photograph, in that moment it can never be duplicated. It is unique only to that photographer and their subject.